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Baldur's Gate II - Romances

This is just the Romance FAQ. Things to take note of are Name means the Name of the person you're trying to edit a romance with. Answers for Throne of Bhaal specific questions are given in the Throne section. There are also Throne of Bhaal notes given within the main category.

If you have questions that are not addressed here, please post them on the ShadowKeeper Message Board.

I refer to the console or CLUAConsole commands throughout this. To enable the console there are two options pretty much that both are basically the same. In baldur.ini under Program Options

Add "Cheats=1"


Add "Debug Mode=1"

Hitting Ctrl-Space during the game will brign up the console. Pretty just type in the command from there. Usually like "CLUAConsole:GetGlobal("Yada","Yada")" As a sidenote, the commands (ie 'CLUAConsole:' and the commands 'GetGlobal') are case sensitive.


Throne of Bhaal

Q: Can I start a new romance in the expansion?

No. You can only go through the expansion romance dialogs in the expansion.


Q: Can I finish the SoA Romance in Throne of Bhaal?

No. If your NameRomanceActive variable was set to 2 it will let you begin the Expansion Romance, otherwise no. Jaheira is an exception to this, but basically you still have to be halfway through her romance or so. Jaheira's romance will 'continue' if your "LoveTalk" was over 50 (Her apologizing for inquirying about you akin to the Harpers).


Q: Why is my romance is active(2) but not proceding?

The new romances have a good number of their dialogs tied to major plot events. Most of Viconia's text occurs from these in fact. It could just be you aren't meeting the 'plot' requirements, or a timer hasn't passed yet.


Q: How can I speed Aerie's pregenancy?

I really don't know how to phrase this question effectively without a spoiler so sorry :(. The global timer AeriePregnantTimer is the one that keeps track of when that event is due. Just set it to 1 and it's accelerated...


Q: What are the global variables for ToB?

Staying the same are NameRomanceActive, which means the same, but it needs to be set to 2 to be active at all. 3 is still end/over/kaputz. The timer used (when it is used) is also the same NameRomance.

LoveTalk, however, is not continued in use. In the expansion a new local variable keeps track of the romance, ExpLoveTalk.


Q: Are there any cheat keys to help?

I'm really not too sure if this works or not for romances, I haven't really used it yet. Anycase, have the person targeted and hit Ctrl-I, it should prompt some interaction.


Q: How can I make Viconia change?

In the course of the game, Viconia can change alignment. Your dialog choices in the romance will cause a variable change, ViconiaChange.

If the value is greater than 0, she will consider changing.

If the value is not greater than 2 however, she will decide it's too much of a change for her.

If the value is greater than 2, she will become neutral near the end.


Q: My romance switched from Aerie or Viconia to Jaheira when I went to ToB.

This is actually an odd possibility that just came to my attention. At release (and with the current Beta Patch), the checks for continuing a romance in the expansion have a slight bug. As I said before NameRomanceActive == 2 is for an exclusive relationship. When importing to ToB, however, you can continue a romance with Jaheira if the lovetalk variable is 50 or higher (this is due to some bugs in SoA, see that thread for inform). Doing this, however, has the potential to set JaheiraRomanceActive to 2, and thus set the other two (Aerie and Viconia) to 3 thus ending their romances...


Q: Jaheira's Romance isn't working.

At first and until the release of Throne of Bhaal, Jaheira's romance suffers from many bugs. They number from just not occuring, happening out of order, turning the entire city of Suldanessar aggressive towards you, aggravating the elf guards, etc. To fix this, make sure you have the latest patch from Interplay and get the BugFix patch from Baldurdash. Both of those two steps can be ignored if you have Throne of Bhaal, this issue was fixed to the same extent as the prior patches with the expansion.

There are still a few bugs in Jaheira's romance with Throne of Bhaal. Hopefully they are addressed in the next patch. If not. Well you'll probably just need to increment the LoveTalk variable by 1. Dermin always shows up in Athlatka, except for his last time, when he appears with a deathsquad.

The NPC appearances and their fun texts...

RevianneSpawn (LOCALS-Jaheira) for Revianne's appearance, first harper party.

RevianneAppear (GLOBAL) for the timer for Revianne's appearance, set to 1 to make due, you must be outdoors (and not in the Exit from the Underdark).

DerminSpawn (GLOBAL) for Dermin to show up. Actually a state variable, 1 = he hasn't shown up yet, but should. 3 = second time he comes by (after Jaheira's investigates Harper Hold). 5 = when he fights you (all but 5 occur within Athlatka) After 5 it's dialog text options. 6 and 7 are the dialog itself. 8 is when Jaheira talks to you. 9 sets a later variable, and 10 is over

DerminAppear (GLOBAL) for all of Dermin's apperances.

TerminselSpawn (GLOBAL) is a variable to track a Harper friend. 2 is for when he talks to you after Jaheira leaves. 5 is for when he hands you the Harper Pin.

TerminselAppear (GLOBAL) is the timer.

JaheiraHarperPlot tracks the Harper Plot events. 1 = Galvarey's Summons.

JaheiraReturns tracks her wantign to return (1= her wanting to go back to the Hold the first time).

There is also the Bandit Plot.

JaheiraBanditPlot (GLOBAL)

1: Start

2: Dialog

3: A

5: Self Sacrifice

7: Bad Ending (wimp)


1: They Took Your Stuff


1: Jaheira hurt (BAD) BanditsWuss

1: You're a wimp

BanditsSlit == Romance Over

It is possible to leave Renfeld (one of the Harper plot critical events) in the streets and never get him without really realizing it. In any event, to get around this problem add Renfeld's body to your inventory (Item Code: MISC5F) and set the global timer variable RENFELDDEATH to some outrageously high number (98000000 sounds good to me) and go talk to the guy outside the Harper Hold. Another tidbit of spoiler since I've started it here anyway. You must go through the Harper plot in its entirity for Jaheira's romance, they are tied together. As a guideline, if Jaheira suggests some course of action in regards to the Harpers, follow it. For the Harper-sideplot to continue after finishing with Xzar, you need to have Jaheira's LoveTalk at 25 and you must have finished the Bandit side-plot.


Q: Starting a romance with someone you shouldn't be able to.

This is a simple matter of either getting a tweak patch which removes those restrictions (Again from Baldurdash) or setting some global variables.

By global variables you set NameMatch = 1. You may also need to set NameRomanceActive = 1 and NameRomance = 1, depending.


Q: What are the Romance global variables and what do they mean?

This question is just a simple question to give a more basic framework for romance schtuffing. NameMatch is a global variable set to 1 if when the game starts you match the prerequestites to have a romance with said npc. CheckNameMatch is another global variable that isn't really used and is also set to 1 if you meet the prereqs. NameRomance is a timer variable. It is a time-code of when the event is due. So when the game-clock reaches or passes that number, the event should occur soon (and it's always past 1). NameRomanceActive is a state variable: 0 == Nothing, 1 == Flirting, 2 == Exclusive Relationship, 3 == Dead

Lovetalk is a local variable tied to the NPC who you are having a romance with. It is basically a counter of which dialogs/events have already occured and which are still due to occur. As it is a local variable, in order to set it by CLUAConsole commands you need to have your mouse over the NPC's portrait and have just it selected and do CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("Lovetalk","LOCALS",#). That said, it's just much easier to add the local variable with Shadowkeeper. Change the Lovetalk variable that is listed under the Affects tab for that NPC to the appropiate #.

[Throne of Bhaal] : For the expansion, the variable used is ExpLoveTalk.


Q: Why is the romance not proceding?

There are a number of reasons for this. Most likly it's just you haven't waited long enough, aren't in the right area, or you need to take a rest for it to be triggered. It could also be that you upset the NPC. This can happen from letting them die, them leaving the party (unless forced by the romance-Jaheira), you being rude to them or something else. The romance may also be at it's end. [Throne of Bhaal specific] : The romances in Throne of Bhaal are tied to major plot events as opposed to timers as in BG2. So if they aren't responding and the above doesn't apply, go on to the next major plot point.


Q: How can I have more than one romance?

If you want multiple concurrent romances you'll need a tweak patch from Baldurdash. One minor note is that the dialog switching of romance stats (NameRomanceActive) still occurs, so if you upset Jaheira or whoever for whatever reason, they will still end the romance.


Q: How do I speed up the romance?

You can accelerate the romance dialog appearances by setting NameRomance = 1. Note: Not all romance dialogs occur while just walking. Some can occur outdoors, in a city area, in a dungeon. Some also occur when you goto sleep and after you wake up as well.


Q: How do I resume a dead romance?

To restart the romance, just set the global NameRomanceActive to 1 or 2 (1 is flirting, 2 is an exclusive relationship).


Q: When is the romance over?

Aerie's Romance ends at LoveTalk 48, after Aerie wanted to sleep with you.

Anomen's Romance ends at LoveTalk 36 when he basically wants to get married (or never part). The final part of this is actually when he tries to kill Saerk or his Father.

Jaheira's Romance ends at LoveTalk 70, again after Jaheira asking to sleep with you. The final part of the related quest is the Harper Pin from Terminsel.

Viconia's Romance ends at LoveTalk 76, when she is trying to leave because it will never work.

[Throne of Bhaal]

Aerie's at ExpLoveTalk 18 (Pregenancy)

Anomen at ExpLoveTalk 16 (end of journey)

Jaheira's at ExpLoveTalk 14 (end of journey)

Viconia's at ExpLoveTalk 16 (end of journey)


Q: Chapter 6: Vampirism

In Chapter 6, if you have a romance at stage 2, Bodhi will turn them into a Vampire.

NameVampire is a global variable that tracks the -plot- driven events. Also note it tracks the events for dialog purposes. So changing it really doesn't do anything. To cure them of vampirism, you'll want to bring Bodhi's Black Heart, Name's body, and the Symbol of Amuantaor to the statue of Amuanator (the container one) in the Temple Ruins (Ranger Stronghold Quest/Umar Hills). This is rather ... optional, and has no bearing in entirity, but it will occur if you have a romance at 2 when you goto the graveyard.

NameVampire values:

1: Turned into a Vampire

2: Not all too sure here, but it triggers dialog with Bodhi when you meet her 'gain

3: Killed the Vampiric Version

4: Resurrected in the Temple

5: End


Q: Haer'Daelis / Aerie Romance

Haer'Daelis also has almost pure npc interaction with Aerie for a romance plot.

Interestingly enough the majority of his text will only show up if Aerie is flirting with you (ie, AerieRomanceActive 1). His text will go until LoveTalk 12 (attached to Haer'Daelis) before requiring you to be flirting with Aerie. It also has the potential of Haer'Daelis leaving the party forever at LoveTalk 18 or ending the Romance with Aerie.


Q: Anomen's Romance Resolution

There is another related quest variable for Anomen's romance, although it is only for the final lines of Anomen's romance. SpawnTerl is a Global Variable (Timer) that triggers the text irregardless of him being a Knight or not.


Q: Valygar's Backstab

1) Load the affected savegame.

2) Switch to the affected character with the slider underneath the character's portrait.

3) Use the top-right tab arrows to move the tabs until Affects is seen, and click that.

4) Find any existing effect where the "Name" column entry is blank. (The ones with a Name are variables, not effects.) If you can't find one in the affected character, Copy one out of another character and Paste it into the affected one.

5) Click Duplicate to make a duplicate of it (unless it was pasted from another character.)

6) Select the new effect, then the Edit button and edit the fields to be *exactly* as follows. You can cut and paste the text right from this document (and don't put the field name in the field, obviously!) Leave Resource 0, 1 and 2 blank, or clear them if there's anything there already.

Type: 0x00000107

Param 1: 1

Param 2: 0

Flags: 0x00000009

Time: 0

Probability: 100

Target: 0x00000001

Resource 3: SPCL332

7) Click OK to close the Effect editor, and save the savegame (under a new filename just in case things didn't go right.) The Backstab ability should be restored and won't disappear again if the character dies and is raised. Kevin Dorner mrkevvy@home.com aka Kivan Do'Urner, solo CG E F/M/T aaka Elmonster, solo LN H M Thanks Kevin ;).


Q: Aerie's (or anyone else) Charisma is dropping, why?

If you're using the Rod of Terror on a character, their charisma will drop over time.

It is a side-effect of item that is often overlooked.

To stop the drop, remove the item.

To remove the charisma penalties, goto the affects tab in SK and remove CHA_Modifier field items with -1.

As a sidenote, it might actually change the numerical Charisma entry (I don't know off-hand but pretty sure it's an Affect).


Q: Where's Anomen?

Anomen. He is now "Sir". My main character is female, so I don't have a choice. Everything seems fine. Then one day a messenger says that his father is dead, and he leaves the party. I go to Sarek's home and everyone is dead, except three servents and no Anomen. What did I do wrong??

This actually sounds like a timing issue with Anomen's script.

Yes Anomen will leave the party to go avenge his father's death when you get that message. If you don't hurry to follow him, he will kill him too. Either way he should return after 3 days or so game time, at most maybe 10. To be safe though keep a redundant save around.


Q: Tashia Romance

Tashia's Romance may be found at http://www3.sympatico.ca/sentinelsx/ .

This is a third party NPC mod with an included romance that uses the WeiDU format to allow for a nice level of compatibility. This does allow it to work with most other WeiDU mods and Ascension (in the later case, there is installation order to worry about however). This mod also requires Throne of Bhaal to be installed. This entry will deal more specifically with FAQs for this Romance once I have some free time. Version referenced herein (v2.04)

Continuing the Romance with an invalid character (for Tashia, this means 'Female').

This 'stop' will occur when Tashia's Lovetalk is greater than 22 (ie, at 23 and later).

To get around this stop, set the global variables CheckTashiaMatch to 2, and TashiaMatch to 1. As well, reset TashiaRomanceActive to 1 (it should be 3 at this point). This will allow the romance to continue as if you were a guy. Note however, that the script doesn't use the engine's character pronoun variable for future dialogs, and simply assumes the protagonist is male (so it isn't a bug :P or something to worry about). Alternatively, download the Happy patch from Tashia's website from its FAQ page, this also solves the problem of being evil around Tashia as well as allowing you to have and continue romances with one of the other three 'core' romances (Aerie, Jaheira, Viconia). It does nothing to help you have multiple romances amongst the core however, just simply Tashia and one of them. Also of note is that there are no checks to prevent you from romancing Tashia and Anomen at the same time if you so wish.

Standard variables used by Tashia.

Tashia is probably the first third party romance patch I actually like looking at from a scripting standpoint since they decided to continue with the same nomenclature as the existing core romances.

That being, the RomanceActive state is defined by the global TashiaRomanceActive, and it holds a global timer TashiaRomance to handle when the next dialog is set to occur.

The current counter for the Tashia romance is Tashia's local variable LoveTalk.

As stated elsewhere in the FAQ, these are referenced either by CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("TashiaRomanceActive","GLOBAL",x) for global variables (change TashiaRomanceActive as appropiate).

Or CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("LoveTalk","LOCALS",x) with Tashia targeted and the mouse pointer over Tashia to change local variables (typically only LoveTalk).

You can also change them with ShadowKeeper. Globals are under the Global tab, and locals are under the associated character's panel under the affects tab.


Q: Solaufein's Romance

This is a third party character and romance. Here can be found at http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~weimer/bgate/

Solaufein will romance anyone regardless of sex/race/other relations.

Bodhi will also take him (Along with your other romance interest) when appropiate. He recovers the same way as the others.

Ironically enough, not much point to a FAQ here since all the important variables are actually described in the Readme that comes with the file, so read it if you want help :P.


Q: Kelsey's Romance

Third Party, Human Sorcerer Character Mini-Mod / Romance.

Available at : http://www.forgottenwars.net/kelsey/

Pretty much a place holder for the time being.

J#KelseyRomanceActive , the Romance State Variable (global)

J#KelseyRomance , the Romance Timer variable (global).

J#LoveTalk , the Love Talk counter variable (local on Kelsey).

Kelsey has a conflict with Anomen, as well as Solaufein (optional).